Præfektura apostolica Poli arcici- The Polar Prefecture

Norway was partly converted to Christianity already in the 11th century, although the heathen believes continued to stay strong in certain regions of the country. In the 17th Century the nation was turned over to protestantism by force after the so called "Reformation" and a Lutheran "State Church" was imposed on everybody. For more than 2 Centuries it was forbidden to practise Catholicism in the region. But in 1855 the See of Rome was able to start a new mission in Norway and the Polar Region; the "Præfektura apostolica Poli arcici." And even though most Catholics abandoned their Catholic Traditions in order to be accepted by the Second Vatican Council sect, there are still Catholics left.. People who wish to stay faithful to the Teachings of the ancient, never changing Catholic Church, with it's Papacy, Doctrines and Traditions. People who reject heresies like modernism, freemasonry, false ecumenism and "salvation" in foreign religions. Regular Catholics in other words.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hymn to Saint Pius V, Pope and Confessor

(From the Raccolta, an indulgence of 300 days)
I have come to love this prayer, and I find strenght and hope in it. Just concider how Pope Pius V also lived in a time of Terror-stricken Christendom, how men despised the fear of God or how Turkey's countless navy yielded to the power of prayer!!

Wars and tumults fill the earth;
Men the fear of God despise;
Retribution, vengeance, wrath,
Brood upon the angry skies.

Holy Pius, Pope sublime!
Whom, in this most evil time-
Whom, of Saints in bliss, can we
better call to aid than thee?

None more mightily than thou
Hath, by holy deed or word,
Through the spacious earth below,
Spread the glory of the Lord.
Holy Pius...etc.

Thine it was, O Pontiff brave!
Pontiff of eternal Rome!
From barbaric yoke to save
Terror-stricken Christendom.
Holy Pius..etc.

When Lepanto's gulf beheld,
Strewn upon its waters fair,
Turkey's countless navy yield
To the power of thy prayer.
Holy Pius..etc.

Who meanwhile with prophet's eye,
Didst the distant battle see,
And announce to standers-by
That same moment's victory.
Holy Pius..etc.

Mightier now and glorified,
Hear the suppliant cry we pour;
Crush rebellions haughty pride:
Quell the din of rising war.
Holy Pius..etc.

At thy prayers may golden peace
Down to earth descend again;
License, discord, trouble cease;
Justice, truth and order reign.
Holy Pius...etc.

To the Lord of endless days,
One Almighty Trinity,
Sempiternal glory, praise,
Honor, might and blessing be. Amen.

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