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Norway was partly converted to Christianity already in the 11th century, although the heathen believes continued to stay strong in certain regions of the country. In the 17th Century the nation was turned over to protestantism by force after the so called "Reformation" and a Lutheran "State Church" was imposed on everybody. For more than 2 Centuries it was forbidden to practise Catholicism in the region. But in 1855 the See of Rome was able to start a new mission in Norway and the Polar Region; the "Præfektura apostolica Poli arcici." And even though most Catholics abandoned their Catholic Traditions in order to be accepted by the Second Vatican Council sect, there are still Catholics left.. People who wish to stay faithful to the Teachings of the ancient, never changing Catholic Church, with it's Papacy, Doctrines and Traditions. People who reject heresies like modernism, freemasonry, false ecumenism and "salvation" in foreign religions. Regular Catholics in other words.


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Monday, July 18, 2011

The UN and the Vatican makes blasphemy a "human right"!

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Resolution 1618 passed in March 2011. What this generally means, is that in the name of "freedom of speech" it has become a human right to blaspheme. The implementing of this same resolution was signed in Istanbul on the 15th of July 2011. Among those who signed the resolution were Foreign Ministers from the EU, Members of the Arab League , REPRESENTATIVES OF THE VATICAN, US Secretary Clinton and the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The new law focuses on the "protection" of individuals rather than religions. (Note: The obligation to defend the true faith is being replaced by the right of an individual to criticize and blaspheme the same.) Under this resolution, the international community is taking a strong stand for freedom of expression and worship, and against discrimination and violence based upon religion or belief. The document goes on to explain how "these are fundamental freedoms that belong to all people in all places, and they are certainly essential to democracy." Participants are encouraged to consider to provide updates, as part of ongoing reporting to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, on steps taken at the national level on the implementation of Resolution 16/18, building also on related measures in the other resolutions adopted by consensus on freedom of religion or belief and on the ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE and discrimination. And now the time has come for them to move to implementation. The resolution calls upon states to protect freedom of religion, to counter offensive expression through education, INTERFAITH DIALOGUE, and public debate, and to prohibit discrimination, profiling, and hate crimes, but not to criminalize speech unless there is an incitement to imminent violence. They will be looking to all countries to hold themselves accountable and to join them in reporting to the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights on their progress in taking these steps. Quote: "In Europe, we are seeing communities coming together to address both the old scourge of anti-Semitism and the new strains of anti-Muslim bias that continue to undermine the continent’s democratic ideals. Across the Middle East and Asia, we look to both people and leaders to resist the incitement of extremists who seek to inflame sectarian tensions, and reject the persecution of religious minorities such as the Copts or Ahmadis or Baha’is." Note how there is NOTHING about anti-Catholicism mentioned. It's the one (true) faith that no one needs to address I guess.. And so the Vatican, with a true Novus Ordo spirit continues to laugh at God's commandments by making a transgression of the First and Second Commandment a HUMAN RIGHT.. To read more about it I recommend these two links:

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  1. Pius XII praised the U.N. as "a great hope for mankind" in 1956.The more I learn about that man the more it becomes clear he was no different than Paul VI.


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